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Different Nutcrackers have different stars. For some it is Dew Drop, others the Sugar Plum Fairy, and many renditions see Clara/Marie take on a leading role. But in Mark Morris’ beloved Hard Nut, it is Drosselmeier who holds court, and in the deft hands of Billy Smith, one might even say he is king.

-Lauren Gallagher of Dance Tabs-

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 "...the level of classical technique seems to be on the constant ascent (seen prominently in the limby, precise Billy Smith)..."

-Susan Yung of Sunday Arts-

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"In “Excursions,” a new apprentice, Billy Smith, made a strong impression — with a powerful stretch in open positions, especially striking in the upper body — that make him a welcome arrival."

-Alastair McCauley of The New York Times-

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"Billy Smith’s La Historia du Soldado is both specific and amorphous – allowing each member of the audience to provide their own perspective. 
Is this the magic and mystery of masterful choreography in live performance? The interaction between dancers, music, and audience – creating hundreds of interpretations (experiences that are very personal) of the same choreography, yet all elicited from the same imagery, stories, and parables that explore the universals of love, yearning, and fulfillment.
Chris Whittaker’s and Billy Smith’s La Historia del Soldado is ample testament that the next generation of master conductors, musicians, and choreographers has arrived."

-Stuart Diamond on A Soldier's Tale-

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"To the quartet’s rippling arpeggios and other repeated figures, ricocheting like wave patterns in a pond, Garrison and Smith skipped and romped together in the fast movements. Their movements turned more liquid and undulating in the slower passages, but the overall impression the performance left was of joy in togetherness, climaxing with the two dancers spinning together, arm in arm."

-Charles T. Downey of Washington Classical Review-

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